January 23, 2007

Peru photos updated on website

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I have updated our webpage with photos and news from Peru. Please visit PeruDonations to see what’s new. We appreciate all the support you have given us as we work toward helping our friends in Huancayo and beyond. Again, if you would like to be taken off this list, please just let us know and we will take care of it right away. We hope this finds you and yours well in this new year. Mom and I are very excited about all the things we are planning for ourselves and for Presli. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to work toward these goals.

Mahalo nui loa, Dios los bendiga,

Lisa and Sheri Sturm

January 5, 2007

Some Chupaca Christmas pix

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Attached are photos of what your contributions brought to the poor children of Chupaca this Christmas. Photos are of Elizabeth (Ely), her husband Nilton, Ely’s mother, and some local people in Chupaca and Huancayo, Peru. If you would like to read Ely’s thank you letter in Spanish, email us and we will forward it to you also. They were very excited to present the party and wish you all a big Gracais.
Sheri and Lisa

(Photos may be found online at Chupaca Christmas)

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