October 18, 2007

YIKES!! Has it been over a month since “One Life at a Time”?

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I can’t believe the concert was 6 weeks ago! I still feel like it was just last week or so. Anyway, it occurred to me that I did not write a blog about it (brain fart), so here are some notes about the concert and other news:
There were a lot of familliar and new faces at the show, even bands who were not playing came out to support us. Erica Aloang, Keith Monzen, Dave Letarte of Missing Dave and Marcus Büsekrüs (of Büsekrüs the Band) of were all there to party even though they weren’t playing. Keith even brought some merch for the raffle – I did not know Missing Dave was going to donate anything. They are simply awesome! A new band “Awry By Design” got on the docket the week before, since Missing Dave had to cancel. ABD rocked the house and has been getting gigs fairly regularly through October. “One Life at a Time” was their first gig – Daena Dempsey of Missing Dave recommended them to take their place. It was really the place to be that night – even though we were competing with the Bone Thugs & Harmony show. All the bands who played were awesome.
John Holy and Keoni Maivela of GTA doubled up by running sound after I lost both my sound guy and my DJ. Katie Whitman helped me emcee and brought cheesecake from Sure Shot Cafe to celebrate the Dock Session’s birthday party (as well as making the fliers, going with me to KTUH to plug the show on DJ Nocturna’s show the week before, finding the sound equipment, and a reaaaaly long list of other things). Aaron Churchill and Brian Coleman helped me with the video camera, merch and door. Gilda Holy stayed at my merch/info table all night with Hannah (the graphic artist also known as hanasaurusrex / bananagrafeeks). Max Murdoch not only performed, but sang an acoustic song called “Lisa Peru” followed by some statistical facts about Peru (I learned!). The capoeira group (Capoeira Besouro Hawaii) was excellent, first playing outside to get people to come down to Don Ho’s, then inside. The crowd loved them! (and I got video of mom busting a move during the audience-participation Samba!)
Other volunteers were: Sarah, Debbie, Winter, Sharla, Karene, Chris and Francie (did I forget anyone? Sorry!)
We sold about half of our jewelry that night, and have ordered some more. We will offer them on our website soon – rings and necklaces from Peru. We also had a calabash box for people to donate cash to help Ely’s school after the post-earthquake looting at her schools. We got a good amount of cash in there in addition to our door take and jewelry sales. At the end of the show, Marcus Büsekrüs loaded up the all the Easy Music Center-loaned sound stuff in his car and brought it up to my apartment (second floor, no elevator) at 3 in the morning! The speakers weighed 66 pounds apiece (I know because I weighed them on my scale before carrying them down to the car myself on Monday!). He did this for me at the end of the night when I realized that my mom’s car (that brought the stuff) was gone and Katie did not have room. I called Marcus, frantic that he had left, but he was by the stage helping GTA with their amps and stuff. I could not believe that I had not planned out that detail, since all the other minutiae had been arranged days or weeks before.
And through all of this I felt drunk/dizzy. I think I had an inner ear thing. I was a little out of it, feeling like I might fall on my butt at any time. I didn’t know it until I parked my car on arrival and went to get something out of the back seat. When I stood up I stumbled backwards a few steps. I was like “Crap!! How am I gonna run a show if I’m out of it?” But mom, Katie, Shawn Davenport, and all our volunteers came through to keep it going smoothly. I got better after a couple of drinks (alcohol re-equilibrium? HEHE), but I could not drink much, mostly because I was seriously afraid I was going to take a header at any moment.
It was also John and Gilda Holy’s 25th Anniversary after midnight. John told me when we were outside taking a break. So, without warning, I called Gilda up to the stage and presented the couple to the crowd to roaring applause. They shared a kiss and Gilda was all glowing! (She’s from Lima, Peru) When I told her in July about my charity, what we saw in Peru and what we want to do for Presli and Merardo, she was practically in tears! She is one of the truly good and sweet people in this world. Mom spent a lot of time talking with her at the merch table and she was really impressed. Mom said that Gilda reminds her of our friend Ely in Peru by her attitude and sweet nature and I could not agree more! Te adoramos, Gilda!
And I can’t say enough about Eric Lagrimas, who not only produced a very professional CD, but he has arranged for reviews in the Honolulu Advertiser, Star Bulletin and Honolulu Weekly and will be shortly announcing the CD’s availability online at several sites (iTunes, Napster, etc). He did not let me see the cover design until that night. I was soooo impressed, especially since I had taken a picture at Machu Picchu that was nearly identical to the cover image! He really did a professional job and we are blessed to know him.
Pimpbot also donated 25% of their merch sales that night to PeruDonations! They were there all night because they were the last to play. And when the got on stage they played just one song and then Fernando said “Okay, this will be our last song”. The crowd went crazy “PIMPBOT! PIMPBOT! PIMPBOT!” In the end, they got in about 5 songs before we had to clear out. These guys are so unbelievably awesome!
Jason Miller, of was also a welcome face at the show. And, like for “Promise for Presli,” he had donated shirts and CD’s for the raffle and door prizes. He is one of our regular “sponsors”. (Can you say that after only two events…?)
Unfortunately, neither of our cameras were working, so if you were at the show and have pix, even if they aren’t great PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send them to us. We have nothing but band and sponsor logos to post on the website. If they are dark or whatever, send them anyway. We have PhotoShop and mom’s a whiz!
There was a review of the CD “One Life at a Time” in the Star Bulletin a few weeks ago and Katie Whiman wrote an even better review in the 808 Scene Zine (October issue). If you have not seen it yet, pick it up at many music, clothing and coffee shops around town. Or go to The 808 Scene Zine October issue, page 5. You can purchase the CD through us directly (we take PayPal – $10 + S&H) or from, (click on “STORE”).
After this show mom said, “NO MORE!”, mostly because this time I assigned her a good portion of the work. And since she knew how much I did and how much Katie did, she realized how much work it took for me to put on the first show with Josh86, she did not want me to spend all that much time any more, particularly since I am in the senior year of my program. Our profit margin after each show is about 50% and she does not think it’s worth hundreds of hours on my part.
But I reminded her of three things: 1 – people are getting to know of the charity (via Rocky’s podcast, the Pimpcast, the Scene Zine article and CD review, the papers’ reviews, the KTUH interview, etc); 2 – nothing else is bringing in money except small intermittent donations from individuals; and 3 – even if a “small” amount of money raised, say $500, is like two-months wages for a minimum-wage worker in Peru, so it’s not nothing!
That said, we are considering having another spring show. Seeing as how I will have less time and mental energy to accomplish this task, but now I kinda-sorta know what to do…..any volunteers to help me set it up? We are thinking that a contemporary Hawaiian or other local genre would be good. Although you know I love the rock and ska, it would diversify our audience and help to spread the word to a different scene. Email me (my charity email box is not working, so use
In other news:
- There is a nurse from the U.S., Elaine, who is going to work with Ely’s dad’s program in Huancayo for a few weeks. She contacted us several months ago and we told her about Merardo’s EB. She is taking boxes(!) of Kerlix to deliver to Ely for us. That stuff is expensive, but she had the hook up and got them for free! His prognosis is looking better and better. We still want to try to get him surgery to separate his webbed fingers. But that’s down the road a bit.
- Elaine is also taking more medical supplies and medical emergency/First Aid information in Spanish for Preli’s orphanage. You may remember that I gave a First Aid and CPR “class” to the house mamas while I was there last summer. Most of them had no clue how to handle a lot of the more common mishaps that kids get themselves into (banging their heads, burns, bee stings, minor cuts), nor the more urgent things that might happen (broken limbs, neck injury, poisoning, respiratory emergencies/choking, impalements). They were taking notes and asking questions. Somehow I managed to demonstrate rescue breathing and CPR on this baby doll. It was okay for showing them the baby stuff, but it was comical straddling this little doll and pretending to give stomach thrusts to a full-sized kid to “dislodge” food. They wanted me to come back the next day and tell them more, but I had not prepared for giving a class and did not know what else I could teach them without better Spanish skills and more supplies.
However, Elaine is a nurse and is going prepared with First Aid kits and instruction sheets for all the “casas” and common areas. She is also taking other information that they should be able to copy and have on hand for all the staff. She is going to be veeery popular at Rosario!
- Natalie Lui-Kwan’s Spanish and French classes at Castle High School (Kaneohe, HI) are going to raise funds to get Merardo a new bike. His old bike is probably totally dead by now. He gets blisters on all surfaces of his body, including the soles of his feet, so walking is a painful ordeal for him. If he has a working and comfortable bike, it is much easier for him to get to school and be independent.
- Meanwhile, the Medical Director of Rotaplast, the wonderful Dr. Capozzi, has mentioned having Presli go to their clinic again next summer in Peru for a second round of surgery. We are beside ourselves. Mom though that it was a one-shot deal with them, but I didn’t think so. When I told her we got an email from him saying he also felt invested in this boy, she nearly cried.
All-in-all, things are going well. We are currently in the red in our books, but we are hoping to sell a few CD’s and get some into Jelly’s ‘Aiea (I have already arranged it, but have not taken the trip to ‘Aiea to do the deal yet). We are also going to have new jewelry on the website and hope that people will buy some, if only just to help us out. The wood rings are super cheap (like $5 or so) and the stone pendant necklaces are probably going to be about the same as they are now. All handmade in Peru (we are buying them directly from the artisans).
Anyway, this is a really long blog. Thanks for sticking around to the end. When I get the pix from Ely or any more news, I will write again.
Until then, cuidense y que tengan un dia maravilloso,
Lisa and Sherrill Sturm

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  1. You guys are the best! Keep it up. The world needs more people like you Lisa and your mom. God bless you.

    Comment by Gilda — February 28, 2008 @ 8:24 pm

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