October 29, 2009

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Well, it´s 7:22 PM.  I´ve been in the air just about 2 hours and I have just accepted the fact that I don´t want to be doing this.  Here is the progress of my mission so far:

Due to the requisite comedy of errors, beginning with me literally staying up all night packing according to a very carefully planned list, constantly checking for news from UH about my case, trying unsuccessfully all night to book my bus from Lima to Huancayo (hereinafter HYO),  constantly checking the various email accounts to check for any more donations, hoping to hear back from someone currently in Southeast Asia about taking their video camera with me, while simultaneously attempting to make the house decent for my potential house/mouse sitters, trying to fill the remaining 73 pounds I can take for FREE to Peru, finally putting the last load of laundry in at 6 AM after my last REAL hot shower for maybe a whole month, taking a four hour nap, going back home for my telephoto lens, making a stop to get traveller´s checks, and ending with my getting to the airport about 40 minutes late, problems with the self-check in process (of course it didn´t like MY passport), heading to the wrong gate (apparently a common problem due to the way the boarding pass is printed), renting a Smarte Carte and literally runing halfway back across HNL airport to get to my gate, getting light-headed in the heat, boarding the plane all out of breath, and ending with me realizing that I already miss the Diet Coke that the FFA made me throw away unopened.

When I caught my breath and stopped sweating profusely, I realized the importance and potential futility of my journey, and that I´d much rather be, well, not here.  After I was finally able to sit down long enough to contemplate what I´m doing for the first time since mom proposed the idea on Friday, it occured to me that just in trying to leave, I had an obscene number of problems in the US, in my own city, and that I´m about to be a woman traveling alone in a corrupt South American Third World country with a different language, where the Mafia and the Shining Path still have power,  to look for two people in ever-more remote towns that I have never been to, with only my scrubs, my language skills, some photos on my iPod, and my steel-forged American fortutude in my toolbox.  What WAS I thinking?!?!


 It´s pitch black outside and it has been for a while as we move against the path of ka la (the sun) and into ka po (the night).  I then land in Dallas-Fort Worth at 5 AM for a few hour´s layover.  I then board another plane with repeats in Atlanta and Miami, where I will board the last 5 hour leg of 17 hours in the air and arrive at Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima, Peru.  I will arrive at 11 o´clock on Thursday night, just in time to check into my hostel before their office closes at midnight.  I´ll try to sleep for a few hours before I go out looking for a bus ticket for the same afternoon (Friday), since I was unable to book the ticket for four days via their website.

I´ll hopefully get the afternoon bus with the 170º reclining seats and the 16-foot high view for the 7 hour ride into the Andean Highlands, especially since I have with me an exponentially better camera than the first time I was here.

So folks, I guess we´re really gonna´get to see what Lisa Sturm is made of as I look for the hidden, fight against corruption, and endeavor for the improbable, in a place where I have absolutely NO power, experience or contingency plan.

Those of you who know me know that flying blind – pun appropriate- is REALLY not my style.

Check in regularly on the blog for updated progress reports and photos:  There´s an RSS link if you want to sign up for auto-updates.  I will try to blog daily.

I am kind of excited that Í´ll be in a large South American city for the Day of the Dead.  I can´t wait to see the parades and costumes that first day while I get acclimated before heading into Chupaca to try to find Ely and Nilton so they can take me to Presli!


Donations are still appropriate if you want to help my mission be successful wihtout depleting all the funds we have saved for Presli´s transport (which is why we need to find him and Ely in the first place).

Now for some sleep???



  1. aloha kaleo pehea ?
    its hale i wish I could help but u know how broke people are
    I wanted too leave u a message too wish u best of luck and a safe journey home
    be careful ok and if not and u take some pictures just show me when you get home
    anyway take care ok haha and be safe

    aloha, Hale

    Comment by Hale — October 30, 2009 @ 7:47 pm

  2. Hey girl!!! Well hang in there. You stand for a great cause helping those in need. I admire your bravery and determination to keep working this case. I wish I could go with you. I will pray for your safety, metal stability (lol) and for you to find who you are looking for and that everything just falls into place! Best of luck to you.
    Love your friend,

    Comment by Kami McFall — October 31, 2009 @ 8:15 am

  3. Aloha e Hale,
    Maika´i ´o au, mahalo. Ua ´imi au i keia Po´akahi i na ekolu kanaka, a me, i ´eha hola noho au i laua mau hale!

    Maopopo i ka pilikia me ka kala i na po´e a pau, aka pono wala´au au he ´elima a ´i´ole ´umi kala kokua loa.

    I keia ahiahi, e hele aku au e ´aina i ka ´aina ahiahi ma ka hale o Ely pa me Presli! E wala´au maua o kona ha´awina i keia keiki kane a me kona ola (future), i kona ola kino.

    E ´olu´olu ´oe, ho´o ´olelo i keia leka i ka papa ´Olelo Hawai´i.


    Comment by Administrator — November 4, 2009 @ 10:36 am

  4. Kami,
    Thanks so much for your contribution. Although it seems like a small amount, like taking your family to McDonalds for one meal, you have actually provided for my hostel and food for two whole days and nights. NO KIDDING!! The dollar is not as strong as when we were here the first time, but it goes a very long way. My hostel is about $7.10 per night and I have found a breakfast place where I can get a ham and egg sandwich, a plate of papaya wedges and fresh squeezed papaya juice for the equivalent of $2.13. Dinner has been a nice salad, a quarter of a rotisserie chicken, half a plate of huge fries and a cup of hot tea for about $1.95.

    Tell your friends! Contributions are still appropriate as I am spending out of the donations that have come in for the ´recon mission´and what we have saved for Presli´s transport, etc. We ALWAYS need donations. Nothing is too small, but less than $5 would be about the minimum that´s worth the trouble. People can send checks, if they prefer, to S. Sturm P.O. Box 94 Kaneohe HI 96744. It will go straight into our charity bank account. Make the check out to Sherrill Sturm.

    Lisa (in) ¨Peru¨

    Comment by Administrator — November 4, 2009 @ 10:46 am

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