October 30, 2009

Travelblog Number 10.29.2K9.1

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After a bumpy last few minutes on the flight to Dallas, it just made 7 AM.  I´m at the gate waiting for flight #2.  And the sun.  It´s pitch black outside and a little rainy.  Weird.

I just scarfed a bag of granola trail mix and Diet Pepsi from the newsstand (the clerk was from Tonga).  Breakfast of Champions.

At DFW they have free wifi in the terminal and charging stations.  Thanks to T-Mobile and Samsung!

Boarding now.  Snoooooooooze time? Nope.  The son of the Argentinean lady sitting next to me is a traveling neurosurgeon who just returned to Dallas from a medical mission to S.A.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Not much conversation though, just trying to read my ASCP board exam study book.  Unfortunately, it´s not boring enough to put this sicentist to sleep.

Strange that I am terrified of heights, ledges and edges, yet here I sit at this window seat enthralled by the mushroom and anvil clouds over Dallas, above which the sun is hiding.

Oh yeah, there´s wifi up here, too.  Ain´t it great to be an American ?! ¨This message sponsored by gogo Inflight Internet¨.

Fast forward five hours…. Now I´m on flight number three.  I met a young girl working in the Atlanta airport who said I looked tired, which I should since I´ve had only ninie hours of sleep since I woke up Monday morning, and it already Thursday, I think….

We got to talking about all my flights so far on this trek and, of course, the purpose of the my ´mission´ came up.  She was so moved by Presli´s story and photo that she gave me a cash donation right there.  At that moment I realized that I´ve been living with this story and the knowledge of what PDC is hoping to do for him for so long, over three years now, that I´ve become almost completely inured to how truly horrifying Presli´s life has been, and what a very important thing it is that we are trying to do for him and for Merardo.  Her tears almost made me cry myself, which is maybe what I needed to experience, as I continue on the long journey to find Presli so we can give him a better, more healthy  life (Thanks Mary!).

Fast forward a few more hours:

Finally on the last flight and I´ve discovered one thing - my Spanish is not so bueno when I´m  zombie-tired.  Morpheus, hast thou abandoned me?  I will try once again to sleep but I hope I don´t miss the one free meal on this whole itinerary.  No wifi in these last three flights and Miami airport requires a $10 daily access.  I think not!

I have just realized that here has not been one crying baby this whole way. Strange.

Scrach that.   We have now landed and this poor little guy cried the last three minutes of our decent.  I got a cell phone at the airport for the month for 10 bucks and $1.50 per minute, with free incoming calls and text messages, but I can´t text back.  If anyone needs to reach me urgently, the number is 011-51-1-99-54-02-560.  51 is Peru, 1 is Lima,  an the rest is the cell number.  Check with your carrier how to text, but I´ll have to reply by email, so make sure I have that too.  For non-urgent messages, email me at

The hostel ¨Las Fresas´¨ is fine.  I  have a clean private room with a bathroom for 26 soles a night (about $9.20).  The two guys who run it, Paulino and Victor, are great.  I talked with Victor about Presli. Ely, tourism, conservation, culture, Hawaii, Lima and the farming town in the south of Peru where he will be visiting in February, until one AM.  How did I stay awake!?!

He invited me to go with him since he thinks I´d love the clear skies and pure lifestyle, but I told him that I can only take one 25 hour per way trip every few years!

Morpheus and I finally made a deal - I´ll take half a sleeping pill before my shower and he´ll pay me a 7 hour visit.

Buenas noches,

Lisa in Peru

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