October 31, 2009

Travelblog Number 10.30.2K9.1

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¨Minka Day¨:  I took a ¨combi¨ (a converted passenger van with the routes painted on the windows and sides, with a guy who hangs out the open side door shouting their destinations, and who later collects your money before you get off) to Minka.  Minka is a humongous mercantile Nirvana in the province of Callao in greater Lima.  OMG!  You have everything from a farmer´s market, to  hanging meats at the several carnecerias, to table after table of fresh seafood, to modern department stores with electronics, shoes, dress clothes, furniture, to indoor/outdoor kiosks and a miniature train for the bored kids and dads to ride around the center section, family dining, McDonald´s, cell phone stores, et cetera ad nauseum.  To see everything would be about a 5 hour day, that is if you don´t stop to watch a movie in the cineplex.

You can buy anything and everything at Minka, which is why I went there in the first place – I needed to get by bus ticket for the afternoon departure.  When my hostelier called the agency, there was one seat left.  By the time I got there, both the afternoon and overnight busses were sold out.  I managed to get the very last seat on tomorrow´s afternoon bus.  Since I now had time, I wandered around, looking for a scarf and gloves for my trip to Huancayo. 

Here´s where the story gets very interesting.  I found a scarf/knit cap set, but no gloves.  I went EVERYWHERE.  For about two hours I walked in and out of passageway after passageway.  There was one kiosk with gloves in the glass display, but each time I passed by over a period of over one hour, nobody was there.  So, I kept trying.  Eventually, I found a little shop in a hallway of vendors that had knit gloves.  While the girl went to get change for my 10 soles (about $1.77), another young woman came in.  I thanked her for having the only pair of gloves in Lima in the springtime, because I am a Hawaiian going into the Andean Highlands – to Chupaca.  Well…… she´s from Chupaca, she knows Presli, Ely, Presli´s parent and even Rocio, who she reports was the person who got Presli´s placement into the orphanage where mom and I met him three years ago.

She gave me a map practically TO HIS HOUSE!!!

On the way home to the hostel, I bought a ¨juanes¨, which is a food made in the forrest area (selva) that looks suspiciously like laulau (see photos to follow).  It is filled with yellow rice, a chicken thigh, a boiled egg, and two sour olives, wrapped and steamed (like in an imu???) in leaves that look suspiciously like a taro plant of some kind.  I couldn´t figure it out.

Anyway, one last hot shower, pack and get ready for my 7 hour bus ride tomorrow.  Wooo hoooo!

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