November 1, 2009

Travelblog Number 10.31.2K9.1

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Bus to Huancayo day.  Not much to tell.   A pretty uneventful day except for nearly missing the bus!  Traveler´s note: when trying to navigate central Lima on a Saturday, plan to leave at least an extra 20 minutes earlier to account for traffic.  Even for Lima it was pretty bad.  Anyway, the bus was held for me as I got my bags weighed.  The ticket agent said that the first 20 kilos was free and one sol per kilo over that.  But the guy at the station said it was 30 kilos free.  My two bags weighed in at 33.40 kilos and I gave him a 20 sol bill.  He walked away as the door agent was telling me to hurry up.  I asked the kid for my change and he just gave me a blank look.  I told the guy at the door and he made a note, but I never got my change.  If the free weight is actaully 20 kilos, then I should have gotten 6 soles back, just under 3 bucks, but if it´s 30, my change should have been almost $7.50.  When I got to Huancayo, the ticket agents said I need to take it up with the people in Lima.  Traveler beware!

As for the ride, we got a nice little lunch, a pillow, blanket, (reused) headset and a cup of tea.  For some reason the attendant went a little goofy when I couldn´t find the pillow as we were arriving.  She said ¨Well, please find it.¨ Sheesh!!

I got to Huancayo (hereinafter HYO) to find that my waiting ride was not waiting.  Since I could not find where I had left my printout of the phone number, I had to call mom in Hawaii to find it.  She arranged the pick up and I was at the hostel by 9:00.

I called Jonee, our affiliate´s AOP representative in HYO, who invited me to meet with her at the corner of the Plaza de Armas.  Being Halloween, she would be dressed in costume.  She was headed out to the Taj Mahal, where her fiance plays in a band.  I agreed to meet with them and ended up spending all night in various places, taking in the night life of HYO.  Very early in the morning I returned to the hostel for some horizontal time.

The hostel itself ranks very high on cool factor: self-serve beer fridge with an honor system of paying, a foosball table, a dartboard, an outside area with a perpetually heated bowl to toast your hands or your rolls, a resident eclectus parrot, cat and dog, and even two Wurlitzer record players c. 1950´s, despite the fact that they had nearly 24/7 CD music playing.  There was a group of about 10 people who were awaiting word from their sponsors about when they were to begin their Honda bike race to Paraguay.  I think this is the same even that mom read about several months ago.  It seems pretty treacherous, but they are mostly young and have nothing much else to do, I guess.  (hehe).  One of them told me that one of the teams who had already left lost their bike in a ravine, but that they had jumped out just in time.  They are doing it to raise funds for charity, so I guess it´s all good.  As long as they are safe and the charity benefits I wish them luck.

As for the accomodations, since the only single room was occupied, I got the ¨Matrimonial¨which, curiously, had two twin beds on opposite sides of the room.  The ¨hot¨water was not, and the 15 foot ceiling of the bathroom, which incidentally shared a half-height wall with the ¨outside¨bathroom (whose door was nearly always open) did not allow for the water to stay hot, nor could you build up any steam in the room.  I shivered and chattered the whole time, and I did not DARE wash my hair.  I´d be freezing all night.

I slept hard looking forward to the big day ahead of me tomorrow.  The hunt is on….  (photos to follow)

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