About PeruDonations.org

How We Were Founded and What We Do

PeruDonations Corporation (PDC) was founded in 2006 by two Kaneohe women, mother and daughter Cheryl and Lisa Sturm, after a visit to Peru. While there, the Sturms met a boy named Presli, who had severe facial deformities due to a burn he sustained when he was just 6 days old. Having seen firsthand the poverty and helplessness of the poor and the lack of government social and medical supports, they decided to help him personally. They founded their charity to help him get facial reconstructive surgery. He had his first surgery in the summer of 2007 through a partnership with Rotaplast International. The Sturms are currently trying to raise funds to bring him to the US, as recommended by the director of Rotaplast, to continue his surgical interventions.

Additionally, PDC provides for the medication and nutritional support for another boy in the region, Merardo, who has a severe and debilitating skin disease, Epidermolysis Bullosa. His condition causes painful blisters all over his body, malnutrition, and webbing of his fingers. PDC has also provided him with a new mattress and pillow (he had been sleeping on the dirt floor), a mountain bike, shoes, books, and other items to minimize the trauma to his body as well as help him transition back into school.

Lastly, PDC has formed a partnership with a charity in Chupaca, "Peru Luz de Esperanza," (PLE) which runs several schools for working children and their "mama's". In addition to sending funds to support PLE's educational programs, PDC provides monies each December for PLE to throw a Chirstmas party for the several hundred children from the surrounding villages. Each child gets cake, hot chocolate and a wrapped gift of clothing or a toy. For many of these children, they have never had anything of their own, much less something new - many return home wearing their first pair of shoes.

For every item sold by PDC, whether through their website or various online stores, 100% of the profits are sent to PLE or set aside for long-range projects, such as transporting Presli and his mother to the US.

If you don't find anything you want to purchase in our online store but want to help anyway, donations may be made via PayPal. Send funds through the link on the website, or go to PayPal.com and designate the recipient as "perudonations@yahoo.com". (As little as $5 does a lot in Peru).

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