PeruDonations Staff

Lisa Sturm, Co-Founder e-mail me

Pictured below, Lisa is a full-time student at the University of Hawaii.  She is also co-founder Sheri Sturm's daughter.

She cannot ignore that there is a huge gap between her standard of living in Hawaii and the lives that billions of other people have in other parts of the world.  Lisa knows that it is only through the miracle of lucky birth that she has so much, both in material goods and in quality of life.  Because of this, she feels compelled to do something, if only just small efforts, to help improve the lives of strangers.  

Lisa has lived most of her life in the same town on Windward O`ahu, Hawai`i.  She has a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science and is pursuing a second Bachelor's Degree in Medical Technology.

Fluent in Spanish, Lisa hopes to use her education and varied experience in the health field to work in a Hispanic community on the West Coast or elsewhere.

Sheri Sturm, Co-Founder e-mail me

A California native, Sheri (pictured above) has made her home in Hawai`i since 1970. She has had a variety of careers, but now enjoys her job as a substitute teacher in Kane`ohe, Hawai`i. Mostly teaching French and Spanish, Sheri has been a regular at the local high schools for over a decade. Her Master's Degree in French was just a start for her. She now counts at least 5 languages that she can navigate when needed!

Her long-time love of travel and language has taken her around the globe. She has visited most countries that a person could name and has even walked the entire perimeter of one (Vatican City). Beginning with a one-year sailing trip to Polynesia as a teenager, to her most recent trip to Peru, Sheri has logged a lot of miles, and seen a lot of hardship along the way.

Sheri has lived in the same house for over thirty years and is looking forward to hanging up her chalk and exploring more nooks and crannies of the world.

Ely and Nilton Condor (located in Peru) e-mail them

Pictured above are the core staff of Perú Luz de Esperanza: Nilton Condor, his wife Elizabeth "Ely" Chinchilla, their son Andre and Ely's mom Eva. Together they are the foundation of the brand new volunteer and school program in the small village of Chupaca outside of her native Huancayo.

Ely and Nilton met in college where he was studying Electrical Engineering (see his shiny new diploma?) and she was working on her degree in Sociology. Their mutual love of music, including American and British rock, brought them together. After working with her father at his program, Tinkuy Perú, they felt the deep and undeniable desire to spread the goodwill to the farther reaches of the city. They packed and moved to Chupaca, and thus was born Perú Luz de Esperanza.

Unfortunately their mission, their program and their school new sometimes keeps them from their other passion, their rock band "40 Nativoz".

Yup - humanitarians by day, parents by evening and rock stars by night. But shhhhh! Don't tell them I told you!!

Ely is our (wo)man on the street in that region. In addition to all the things she already does, we send her on missions to the Aldea del Rosario for "Project Presli", and she buys supplies for Merardo who now attends the PLE village school regularly. Ely really is our emissary in Huancayo and Chupaca and we could never thank or pay her enough for making our goals come to life in the Andes.

She goes regularly to the boticas for Merardo's medical supplies and to doctors and lawyers regarding both boys to find out what else can be done to improve their outcomes and support our mission. She does it all for love.

Terry McCormick and Alison Varney e-mail them

Lisa and Sheri met Terry and Alison in Peru. These energetic young architects from Chicago have made a huge impact in the city of Huancayo, Peru during their one year stay. Now based in Oakland, they founded the Andean Outreach Program, a group of volunteers that continue their work in this Andean city. For more information, visit their website

Russell Jenkins

Russell Jenkins is from East Yorkshire in England and in one of his lives he works as a coach driver in the UK and on the continent. In his other life he lives and does voluntary work with his wife Rocio in Huncayo, Péru. He has spent more than a year in the city so far working for local organizations in their volunteer programs and now works independently. He has taught English, written a text book for Phonetics, made cement ramps, taught computing to deaf children, helped to start the local production of canes for the blind, "nearly" imported a Braille printer, and taught Braille & abacus, among other things. He loves Perú, especially Huancayo, and will never permanently leave.

Russell believes that although there are many problems to be faced in Perú, it is a wonderful country with beautiful people and that it is a place where with enthusiasm, intelligence and a little money great things can happen.

Russell wears many hats, including International Relations Director for our affiliates, the Andean Outreach Program.